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How to use this site

Firstly, on this site you will not find planned routes. You will find the good sections of roads marked, and how you join them up is your problem.

If you are just browsing, and looking for inspiration, then you can use the information here as it is.

If you are even half-heartedly thinking about a trip to the Alps then to get the most out of this site, you will still need a reasonable map. [ see what happens if you haven't ]. I have not provided detailed maps of the regions, because they take too long to download, and really, it's better and more fun to look the roads up yourself.

We have put the emphasis on the roads which a sportier rider would enjoy, that is, better surface and twisty as possible, hence the limited info on scenery, culture, food etc. that a more sedate "tourer" might be interested in.
Our primary interest is the road, and the other stuff comes second (although in the case of beers of an evening a fairly close second). That doesn't mean that wing riders won't find anything of interest here. If you like twisty roads, this site's for you.

The site is in 3 main sections, which can be seen on the navigation bar on the left.

  1. Basics:
    How to get there, ferries, money, documents, FAQs, and a passes/best roads reference section.
  2. The Roads:
    Here you will find an overview of the regions covered, in the map of the Alps, and the best roads under each section.
    You can use the links directly or use the Alp Map to get to the areas you're interested in.
  3. Links:
    Various links to external sites, including private biking/touring pages, dealers' searches, bike hire, tour operators, weather and hotel lists.

  • Navigate directly to the regions via the navigation bar on the left of the screen.
  • Use the clickable maps to give you an idea of where the roads are, and to help you get your bearings
    Get to these via the Map of the Alps link (on the left) and at the top of each region's page.
  • Printing Pages.

    If you are having trouble printing using your own browser, there is a "printer friendly" version of each region's page. There is a link at the top of each relevant page. Use this link to display the page in a simpler, reduced graphic, resized format which should to fit A4 paper.
    If you have trouble printing even then, please let us know.

see also why are we doing this?