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Legend - What do the symbols mean?

We have given a lot of thought to these classifications, but remember they are our own personal opinions.
The Sweepers/Twisty/Hairpin groupings are particularly difficult due to the varied nature of mountain roads.
We have tried to mark those roads that particularly stand out because of one particular sort. Or if you were using it to select routes, then if you were after sweepers, for example, those marked would be the ones we feel you'd particularly enjoy.

If you think we've made a balls-up, or have any suggestions, please let us know via the

Key General Rating
don't miss Biking experience. Go out of your way for this road. If you're in the area a must (see text for details).
scenic route Scenic interest. Particularly picturesque or unusual scenery. Keep the camera handy.
Avoid if at all possible A pig of a road. To be avoided if possible. Too straight, too built-up or with heavy traffic.
Key Road Curviness Rating
sweeper A recommended road notable for it's fast sweepers and straights.
twisty A recommended road notable for it's tighter curves and twisties.
hairpin A recommended road notable for it's hairpins.
Key Others
town Any noteworthy town or other place of interest.
webcam Click on the symbol to view a web/livecam of the area.