The 4th ALPINEROADS.COM-meet 2010 "Grossglockner"

Events and "things to do" you think might be of interest. Biker rallies, races, or more general interest. Not exclusively biker-related.
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Postby BourneToRide » Thu Jul 22, 2010 2:50 am

[quote="Michael J"][quote="Torque"]Now, since I've never met you guys, tell me who is who :wink:

Grtz, Philip!

In no particular order: Mark, Chris F, Pieman, Ballast, BournetoRide, Martin, KR1S, Tim, Ludwig, Ludwig's friend (sorry!) :oops: :oops:

Left to right, actually, starting with Mark (sitting) :twisted:

Its Chris N between Mark and Pieman :shock:
Nice going on that back tire (sp) Michael