10th Alpineroads.com-meet 2016 "10th Anniversary"

Events and "things to do" you think might be of interest. Biker rallies, races, or more general interest. Not exclusively biker-related.
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Re: 10th Alpineroads.com-meet 2016 "10th Anniversary"

Postby Michael J » Tue Jul 12, 2016 6:51 pm

[quote="KR1S"]...I can no longer be bothered to carry my DSLR...

I found that when I packed my DSLR (& lenses) to the point that I wasn't overly worried about vibration and shock that I just didn't bother to take pics, as it was so much of a hassle to unpack & repack everything.

I now carry either my Nikon AW120 (hangs around my neck) or Nikon 1 AW1 (lives in my tankbag). Both are shock & water "proof". The AW1 rewards me with RAW in return for the additional bulk.

Wx note. After almost three weeks of 30+ weather and me feeling like a wet sponge at the end of the day, today will be around 20 with maybe a little rain. MUCH better.
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