V for Victory

Let us know what bike you ride, what do you like or hate about it .... that sort of thing.
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V for Victory

Postby ssi » Fri Sep 10, 2010 7:26 am


After years of BMW GSA ownership I find I am not motivated to continue riding on this bike. I used to do 10k to 15k a year on a bike for pleasure. I have a Merc sports car now and we have used this for our Alpine/Spain trips this year.

I still want to ride a bike but it has to be something very-very special for Sunday rides in UK or solo Alp trips as we now have the car.

I am thinking of a Victory Hammer S with a touring seat etc.

Anyone have any thoughts on this bike and especially anyone who owns one can give me some advice on Victory ownership.



Looking forward to my trip to UK next week.

:) :)

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