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Postby Karza » Wed Mar 29, 2006 5:52 am

Please, would it be possible to get better photos more? For example, when you read the text of the Sustenpass, it makes you want to go there , but when you look the photos...And Sustenpass isnt alone with this thing here. :shock: , there are a lot more photos and mainly also with better quality, that is my favorite-site of photos of the Alpine roads. BUT, rules still!!! 8)

Top-site needs top-photos! :lol:

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Postby tim » Wed Mar 29, 2006 8:58 am

[quote]... it makes you want to go there , but when you look the photos...
Oh, I was waiting for someone to say that! :(
A lot of the photos were taken some time ago and were scanned in - with my pretty limited knowledge back then - with modem-speeds in mind, obviously not terribly great quality. I'm painfully aware of that. And I'm not about to go back and rescan tham all :shock: . (the very though makes me shudder)

The thing is, this web site isn't our main hobby, and we find riding just seems to take precedence. You will appreciate how difficult it actually is to stop right in the middle of that fantastic flick-flack section and take photos. :wink:

Some sites I've seen have fantastic photos, they are more "touring" oriented though - and they can somehow find the time to stop and look for the great shot. We wanted to show the roads as they really are, because there are enough scenic shots of the mountains on websites already. That, coupled with the fact that we can't cover all the areas every year and weather often spoils even that - some are obviously looking a bit tired, but we try to add any new half-decent photos we get each season.

We would gratefully accept any donations of photos - don't be worried about implying that our photos are rubbish, we won't be insulted.

So would people like a larger number of mostly mediocre photos or a very small number of better ones - with more routes not having any photos?

PS: Thanks for your efforts with the accommodation/camping lists :)