This site is a "content" site. By that I mean I am trying to provide information first and foremost, and the design is secondary.

I strongly believe that the Web should be accessible to all, and that conformity to a basic set of standards in a Web of so many variables is extremely important.
Therefore I subscribe to the policies of the
World Wide Web Consortium[W3C], and the
Web Standards Project[WSP].
I have done my best so far, with the limited (but growing) knowledge I have, to make this site conform to the standards and guidelines of the W3C and WSP.

Browsers Tested

I have tried to conform to the Web standards where possible and only deviate from them where I need to fix non-standard rendering in some browsers, or out of ignorance on my part.

Opera 5.11
MS Internet Explorer 5.0 & 5.5
Netscape 4.7 and 6.01

I only have a PC running Windows 98 so I have no opportunity to check and browsers running on other platforms.
I could conceivably get my hands on an Apple G3 with Netscape if you are having problems viewing my site with a Mac.

If you experience problems

If you are using a non-standards compatible browser or an earlier version if IE, or NN/NC and you experience problems, please let me know and I'll do my best (with the limited time I have) to fix my pages so you can at least see something sensible. In the meantime, switch off graphics and possible frames option (if you can) and the text sections should still read OK and make some sense. Contact me at :

Fight for your right to standards!