T595/955i Daytona/Speed Triple

Front Wheel Removal

The front of the T595/955i is fairly standard, and anyone who's removed the wheel from almost any other bike will have little trouble with this.
I have broken down the procedure into a few easy steps, re-assembly is simply the same in reverse.


You will need:
photo of tools needed

ideally you'd also have:

Loosen pinch bolts

photo-front pinch-bolts

Loosen axle nut

photo-axle nut

Remove speedo drive

photo-exhaust hanger bolt

Use the cross-head screwdriver. The screw is made of cheese so take care. It's not really necessary to remove the cable from the drive.

Loosen Brake Calipers

photo-Loosen Brake Calipers

This is the first possible problem zone... the bolts are prone to seize up. Use a good spanner and extension if needed. The bolts will most likely make a loud crack before they free up. Don't panic. Don't remove the bolts just yet.

Get the bike up on the stand.

Remove brake caliper bolts

photo - axle nut

Once the bike is up and the wheel is off the ground (you only need a couple of inches space), remove the bolts from the calipers and carefully ease them off the brake disks, and out of the wheel.
You MUST do this, as the wheel will NOT come off if the calipers are still inside the rim. You canlet them hang down on their brake lines if you're careful, otherwise tie them up to take the weight.

Remove axle

photo - Remove axle

Remove the axle nut, and pull the axle through from the left side, as the axle comes out you'll need to support the weight of the wheel with something. I find sitting in front of the wheel with both feet under the tyre works pretty well.

Note position of spacers

photo - Note position of spacers:left photo - Note position of spacers:right

the simple short tube goes on the left side, the speedo drive goes on the right. Be careful when putting this back in, make sure that it sits properly before using any force.

Drop the wheel out and Bob's your uncle.

photo - Note position of spacers:right

Assembly is the reverse procedure. To ease getting the brakes back on the disks, you can gently prise the pads apart with a large screwdriver or similar.
Once the brakes are tightened, pump the brake lever a few times to reposition the pads!

Except: When you put the axle back in you will notice a gap on the left side of about 3-4mm between fork leg and spacer, and that the left fork leg can move. THIS IS CORRECT.
Tighten the axle nut first, then drop the bike off the stand and pump the forks a couple of times to allow the floating fork to find its natural position. THEN tighten the pinch bolts.

Bolt Torque
Axle nut 60Nm (~44.25ft/lbs)
Pinch Bolts 20Nm (~14.75ft/lbs)
Brake Caliper Bolts 40Nm (~29.5ft/lbs) - it says in the manual to not use Loctite - but my dealer recommends to use it.