Instrument Lights

02110002 Instruments
I've placed the bulbs in the approximate positions.
From this you should be able to work out which bulb has blown.
The 4 larger bulbs are:
Metric:T10 (10mm)/ Non-metric: T3¼. Wedge.1,7W
The smaller bulb at the bottom of the speedo dial is:
Metric: T5 (5mm) / Non-metric: T1½. Wedge. 1.7W
Suggested improvements:
Replace all bulbs with 3W.These are relatively easy to get, although I can the smaller, T5 3W a bit trickier to get hold of. Triumph dealer as a last resort.
With the 3W bulbs it looks ok. Definitely brighter and more even illumination than stock.
I tried T10 LEDs but these weren't as bright as the original 1.7W bulbs. Also, I found the very blue-ish light of the white LEDs not very pleasant. Super-ultra bright LEDs might be bright enough.
02110003 Idiot lights
These are all T5 (5mm) wedges, but 3W.
The only source I've found for these is directly from Triumph at over €4 each!
I have since discovered they are the same as in the Suzuki SV650 tacho.
Suggested improvements:
5W would probably be ideal (I haven't found any - do any exist?) or ultra bright LEDs.
02110014 Metric:T10 (10mm)/ Non-metric: T3¼ Wedge
The base is 10mm across. Overall length ~ 2.5cm
Available in 1.7W, 3W and 5W versions
02110008 Metric: T5 (5mm) / Non-metric: T1½ Wedge
Width of base 4.5 - 5mm
Overall length ~ 2cm
The single one in the speedo dial is 1.7W
The six in the idiot light block are 3W
Available in 1.2W, 1.7W, 2W and 2.2W versions, I haven't seen the 3W ones for sale except from the Triumph dealer...
OEM bulb LED size comments source
T10 501 Various options and brightnesses, from 1 to 6 LEDs. One with 2 LEDs might be about the same as the 1.7W OEM bulb. UltraLeds...501
T5 286 I don't know how bright these might be. UltraLeds ...286
Mike Dennett's commentsThe LEDS came from,
I used the 501 Xenon (30% brighter) wide angle LEDs in conjunction with the rubber jonnies that were fitted to the OE bulbs (The light was too patchy without them).
The smaller bulb in the speedo was replaced with a 286 wide angle bulb. This needed a bit of micropore tape wrapped around it to act as a diffuser as the light pattern was also a little uneven.
I'm pleased with the results, and (hopefully) it should mean no more misted gauges!

You will need 4 x 501 ( and
1 x 286 (

I didn't do the idiot lights but you would probably be better with the non wide angle ones for there.
Make sure you save the white rubber boots that come with the original bulbs. The light tends to get a bit 'patchy' without them.

If anyone has any info on light output for each/any bulbs/LED I'd be interested.