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Update history

Coming soon...

What we're working on now:
A couple of small updates to the routes. Dolomites and some Swiss/French Alps
I'm trying to persuade a freind to supply info for a special Corsica page.


I've implimented the forum. It seems to be working.


Last year's roads have been updated, and a few cosmetic changes have been made. I've made the programming on the pass condition page a bit more robust (I hope).
This year I'll be concentrating on Austria.


The new Vosges area is more or less complete for the time being.

We have updated and new entries for Savoie , the Alpes Maritimes and around Andermatt.


I am working on compiling a database of dealers in and around the Alps and to and from the UK.
The latest version can be found here

This is also available via WAP for those stuck with just a mobil/cellphone on www.alpineroads.com/wap/main.php


Well, I managed to get the Pass Status page more or less automated.


I finished off the Slovenia page and map, at long last. Sorry it took so long.


Lots of new photos from the 2003 trips. New and updated reviews of the Dolomites, Italy and the Engadin, Switzerland, along with a bit more in Slovenia.
Also added some more links


We've got most of the changes up from the 2002 rides. There are a lot more photos and all the roads we have ridden have been edited/updated/added where applicable.


I'm in the process of reorganising a few things - no content change just structurally.
I have completed the site move, and you can now acces it via www.AlpineRoads.com


Over the last 2 months or so I have added new photos and updated reports from this year. Dolomites; Engadin; Andermatt; Tyrol; Salzburg; Dachstein.
Mark supplied a few reports of road in Bavaria, and I finished off the Passes list with links to most places I've written-up.
I have completed the site move, and you can now acces it via www.AlpineRoads.com


Updated Uri (around Andermatt) reports and added new photos...


Hotel lists more or less complete for the regions that I have info. I'll start on some cmaping-sites when I get back from my summer hols.


Hotel lists for Côte d'Azur, Alpes Maritimes and Grenoble added.


Hotel list for Savoie is up, plus a feww aditions to Speed-limits/roads in the "General" page.


Grenoble page is up with some pictures.


I gave the Alps Map a facelift - no content changes.


A slight facelift, and reorganisation of the linkspages - no content changes.


I have created a non-frame option, which seems to work with Opera 4 with frames off.
If you have troubles with navigating the non frame version, PLEASE let me know !


My first try at getting the submission form to work


Martin updated routes in the Côte d'Azur section.
Added clickable maps for the rest of Austria. That only leaves the corner of Slovenia.


Martin updated routes in the Alpes Maritimes, and changed the map slightly.


Added map for the Côte d'Azur. This just leaves me with Austria and Slovenia.


Added map for the Alpes Maritimes and created two docs for the Franch/Italian border region (Alpes Maritimes and the Côte d'Azur)


Added map for the Tyrol, Vorarlberg (Austria) and South Tyrol (Italy).


Added map for southern Austria.


Added map for Tyrol & Vorarlberg (Austria).


Added some new links for France and Switzerland, on the Links, and Tourist pages.
Tyrol & Vorarlberg, Dolomites pages reworked.


Reworked the Alpine map and the descriptions of Austrian roads. This makes the map-drawing a bit easier.
Added List of Passes link to General doc.
Added "How to use this site" in General doc.


Added map for region around Chamonix.


Grimsel pass update.
Added map to The Dolomites page. Most links on the map are active, only a few roads are not included in the text and these routes are not linked (obviously).
Added link to my policy on standards to the home page.


Validated all pages to HTML 4.0 standard and CSS. If you find any non-valid HTML/CSS code, please let me know.


Reformatted Austria document to new style (without tables). Added space-markers for maps to be made.


I've just started this update log, so I've got no changes entered before today.

Added photos for some Dolomites routes and Sölkpass in Austria