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Why are we doing this ?

We have two main intentions for this site:

  1. To provide some helpful tips for novices and
  2. To provide a source of reference for the experienced Alpine riders.

I had been living in Germany and Austria for nearly ten years, Martin, in London when we decided to meet somewhere in the Alps and do them. Well, that's all well and good. We both have had a fair amount of experience abroad, but just planning it was an exciting and nerve-racking time. What happens if we break down or have an accident ? We can't speak the language. How do we find somewhere to stay without being ripped-off or stranded? How much stuff shall I take?
Well, actually that's part of the fun, the worry. That's why we have two main sections: the "Beginners' Guide" which turned into the FAQ section for the basic survival stuff, hopefully allaying the "can I do it?" doubts that I know we had at the start of our first trips; and the main reference section which takes up the bulk of the site, where you can find reference info and links on routes, towns and the like.

We do not intend this site to be like the tour books - what's the sense in that? We want to point out the best stretches, and the ones to avoid, but not provide pre-planned routes. It's up to you to decide if you want to ride and where. It's your holiday, after all. A large part of the fun in a trip is planning where to go tomorrow - which route shall we choose, where are the twisty bits and how can we join them up with as little tedious straight bits as possible? That's your job, not ours.

Have a good holiday,
Tim and Martin.